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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dinner Key Mooring Field Shuttle...

There are times when winds pick up and blow out of the northeast resulting in a lot of chop in the water throughout Dinner Key Harbor... and it goes without saying that this most certainly makes for a wet and uncomfortable dinghy ride to and from one's boat.

Fortunately Dinner Key Marina does nevertheless offer a shuttle service to and from the mooring field throughout the day. It's kinda like a water taxi of sorts. The service runs at the top of each hour between the hours of five and eight. One just needs to call on VHF channel 68 and let the office know that you want to be picked up.

It's best however that if one does call that you don't conclude your radio transmission with "and Go Mavericks!!", or "Beat the Heat!!" or some-such because the response may well be, "Your in the wrong town buddy and if you want to be picked up, then you better get onboard with the Heat"...

(Go Mavericks!!, Go Mavericks!!, Go Mavericks!!.... out.)

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