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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sailing Regatta Slicing through the Mooring Field, Dinner Key Harbor

There is a certain sameness about living aboard a boat and hearing the same sounds throughout the day while one is down below, is most certainly a good part of the sameness of it all. After awhile the sounds all just seem to blend in with one another and though quite audible are hardly perceptible.

These sounds for the most part consist of halyards gently and not so gently clanging up against the mast... all depending of course on just how hard the wind might be blowing that day.

Yet occasionally there are instances when an ever so-subtle-sound will immediately grab one's attention and have one springing up into action to check in on the source of an unexpected faint yet rhythmic sound.

One sound that never fails to bring a smile to my face is that of dolphins ever so gracefully swimming by the hull of the boat early in the morning and then surfacing to exhale and catch yet another deep breath of air.

Somehow I always find myself saying hi to the dolphins for whatever compelling reason as they swim on past.

Nevertheless one sound that happened to grab my attention the other day was that of what seemed to be a whole flotilla of sailboats swiftly gliding through the mooring field. I gotta believe that there's a marina regulation prohibiting boats from sailing through the mooring field but I certainly wasn't gonna complain about it.

In fact that was me wishing that I were sailing along with them while giving a thumbs up as they all sailed on past.


  1. Alex,
    You own a sailboat. Go sail it!! Hehehehe!


  2. Yeah man... I suppose that I could go sailing but me prefers to sip coffee at Starbucks and ogle all the super-hot ladies strolling on past.