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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Willie Jack... My New and Improved Boater Identity...

It occurs to me that I've been aboard my boat for over a year now and may perhaps be overdue for a new identity... so I've giving up the clean-shaven look in favor of that of your typical, old, disgruntled, mad-at-the-world, live-aboard look.

You know the kind... they all happen to sport an unkempt, grey scraggly beard and stroll about the marinas with a perpetual scowl on their face all the while griping about one thing or another and endlessly watching FOX Fabrication News Network.

In fact I may even start referring to myself as Willie-Jack, the unenviable and unsavory character in the novel, "Where The Heart Is" by Billie Letts... a lovable and amusing story of a young pregnant girl coping with a set of difficult circumstances while living and hiding out in a Walmart Store.

Yep... from here on out my name is Willie-Jack.

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