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Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Uneasy Moment in The Green Parrot Bar... Key West, Florida.

The Green Parrot Bar is described as a popular dive bar on various websites and also as a favorite among the locals. Its what's called a neighborhood bar with the same usual suspects frequenting the place on a regular basis.

Beverages are reasonably priced... at least by Key West standards, but even better yet is that the place lies off the beaten path and away from all the Duval Street tourist chaos.

In any event I happened to be unobtrusively sipping on a cold beverage and minding my own business while seated at the bar one recent Sunday afternoon only to later have an uneasy moment.

Occasionally I'd glance up at the screen to view a football game in progress but since that game held little interest for me, I'd discretely look out across the bar and at a rather attractive female patron who happened to be chatting it up with a few of her friends.

And after the third or so occasion of us making eye contact, she called out to me with a smile on her face, and a song in her voice, "Whaaatt.. what do you want"? as if asking why do you persist in looking at me.

It was obviously an awkward moment for me and I couldn't help but sheepishly smile and look away.

Next time she confronts me I'm going to request in no uncertain terms that she kindly tell her boobs to quit staring at my eyeballs...

Yeah, that ought to settle that little matter before it gets out of hand.

Well heck... it wasn't my fault that she was stacked up top and that her "girls" kept looking out over across the bar at me.

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