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Monday, July 19, 2010

"Don't Complain and Don't Explain"...

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Don't complain and don't explain... and to that I'll add that one would be well advised not to comment about one's personal affairs to other boaters that you don't really know.

No sooner had I tied up to the slip after pulling into the marina when a fellow boater came along to introduce himself... no problem there and no objection to possibly sailing in tandem once out in the open waters and no objection to the offer of help either... "you help me and I'll help you..."

Well the next day for the sake of idle conversation I commented on some of the gear I'd be needing before setting sail... among of which was a VHF radio and in passing wondered aloud whether there was such thing as a VHF radio and GPS combined in one unit upon which the fellow boater instantly jumped out of his sofa chair in the marina lounge and onto the computer. A quick google search revealed that sure enough there was indeed such a thing for a whopping $800 bucks or so... "you see, I've already helped you...". Now I'm thinking wtf??

A day later upon entering the air-conditioned marina lounge, I once again encounter my fellow boater and I randomly comment how hot it is onboard the boat and once again the guy seizes the opportunity to offer his expertise... "you know what you should do?" he deadpans... "you should purchase some fans for your boat"... wow... how brilliant... why didn't I think of that... what would I do without this guy...

The following day after laboring on the boat all morning and after a soothing cold shower later that afternoon, I find myself in the marina lounge, spawled out on a sofa watching Giada ever so delicately slice up an onion on TV when in walks you know who.

After mutually observing that her cooking use to be even more delectable when she use to show more cleavage while on her show, so-and-so jumps on the computer and once again I'm getting a condescending index finger motioning me to come hither... now I'm annoyed... hell no am I getting out of my comfort zone and hell no am I getting up to go check out the cleavage you googled on the web and hell no am I wearing a choke collar and a leash. and I proceed to emphatically inform him of such.

A day later against my better judgement I accept an invitation from so-and-so to go to a local watering hole that I had previously discovered... and I am reminded by him once again how he has already helped me with the VHF radio and how to deal with the heat onboard the boat and how to get about town... I can't believe what I'm hearing from this guy and soon thereafter conclude that this guy is full of crap and I question whether this guy even knows how to set an anchor.

While sipping on a cold beverage, the guy proceeds to tell me..."you shouldn't wear that hat... I don't like it... you look like Crocodile Dundee... I like your black ball cap better"... well my black cap was back on the boat drying out after a good washing, but now I'm aggravated and proceed to inform the dude, "I don't give a crap whether you like my hat or not... I like it and I'll wear it.... that was more unsolicited commentary on your part".

He soon departs a moment or so later but that didn't stop him from making an observation the next day that it is hard not to sweat while waiting for the bus at a bus stop... and that he had previously helped me with the VHF radio all the while giving me this wounded puppy-dog look. I had another wtf moment but elected to not pursue the conversation.

Damned... if you want to borrow my fully depreciated crappy car... just ask... I won't be an a-hole about it.... just don't carry on about me being indebted to you for some bullsh*t unsolicited advise.

Don't complain and don't explain.

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