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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Wood is Permeated...

Permeated... now that's one word that is not often heard.

I finally relented and sought out some professional help to come check out the head onboard the boat. There is still a lingering foul odor emanating from beneath the V-berth and I simply won't be able to sleep in the V-berth until that odor is completely done away with.

A quick inspection by the father & son team disclosed that all the fittings and hoses were new and in good order and that there were no leaks to be found... and the rubber elbow that I inserted to eliminate a hose kink was the right thing to do.

They readily concluded however that the surrounding wood was nevertheless "permeated"... uh-oh... that sounds expensive... and that the only remedy was to treat it with bleach... okay, not expensive... and to use un-diluted bleach. With that they took off... "now you know what to do".

I proceeded to remove all the gear that I had stored in the V-berth and liberally spray bleach into every crevasse imaginable...whether real or not.

Permeated?... I'll show permeated... that permeated wood will come to understand permeated... as in permeated with bleach.

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