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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flare-up in the Galley!!

I finally got motivated enough to start messing around with the alcohol stove. For some random reason I was convinced that the stove was outdated, crapped-out, inefficient, and simply impractical.

I'd already concluded that I'd soon be ripping this thing out and pitching it overboard. Nevertheless I thought that it would be unwise to not even attempt to light it up not to mention that henceforward I'd be thinking of myself as a weeny for not even trying. A quick google search soon spat out a pdf file with the approprite operating instructions.

The instructions were simple enough and it wasn't long before I was priming my Homestrand gimble mounted two burner alcohol stove. Soon enough to my surprise the front burner was putting out a nice intense flame.

The back burner was another matter... evidently the valve was stuck on open and upen lighting it, a small flame intensified into a larger flame, and then into what seemed to me to be a blow-torch. In an instant, I grabbed for the fire extinguisher and was all set to put the thing out when all of a sudden it started to die down on its own. It did however give me quite a scare.

Memo to self: Disasemble burners, clean, lubricate, reasemble, test.

I later gave the front burner its first real test and cooked up one those Goya packaged seasoned rice dishes. I threw in some Italian hard salami that I had chopped up and to my pleasant surprise the burner had worked like a charm and I had a meal to boot. Dessert was a small cup of Mott's original applesauce.

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