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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sleeping accomodations aboard S/V Blondie-Dog...

The rains have let up for the time being here in Ft. Myers and consequently there is little relief from the heat during the days. The evenings do offer a little respite but for the most part there is little air circulation going on and it's simply uncomfortable down below inside the cabin. As a result, I find myself laying out some foam camping pads out on a lazarette in the cockpit and on top of it my sleeping bag and a couple of bed sheets.

It's not the most comfortable arrangement but at least I can get a little breeze to cool things down a bit. It can feel like camping and the other evening at two in the morning or so I happened to gaze up and saw a satellite streaking across the sky from one horizon to the next. There is also the occasional mosquito announcing its bad intentions with its tinny buzz inducing fear and a DEFCON 5 warning alert.

The sonic-boom heard reverberating throughout the marina and rattling all the halyards at four in the morning had nothing to do with any anti-mosquito defense systems... it was simply me shifting position and then relieving a gas pressure buildup. KaBooM!!!!

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