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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, I have an International Chess Rating for What It's Worth...

Not that anybody gives a rat's ass, but I do happen to hold an international chess rating... and there was indeed a time when I actively participated in a number of national chess tournaments throughout the country.

It was an activity that brought a good measure of joy into my life whether I was successful at the chess board or not. I suppose that when I think about it, I simply miss the competition, the camaraderie with fellow competitors, and of getting away for a few days.

Common perceptions of living aboard a boat seem all wrong to me. For obvious reasons one is compelled to fore go participating in activities that one previously enjoyed engaging in. The romanticism of living aboard is sure to soon wear off leaving one with a sense of isolation and confinement.

Owning and living aboard a boat can feel as if one were hiking about town with a Danforth anchor stuffed inside a backpack. There's just no getting away from the boat.

And be wary of anyone attempting to convince you otherwise... especially if they might perhaps want to sell you their boat at an inflated price.

Be especially wary of the bar-stool sailor claiming to be "living the dream" for the truth of the matter is that the dude is flat-out broke, full of sh*t, and stuck aboard a boat that he overpaid for.

In hindsight I'm thinking that I should have strapped on a backpack and participated in the various annual international chess tournaments held throughout Eastern Europe. If nothing else, it would have been a new life experience.

Oh well, perhaps in another lifetime all of which has me thinking of the lyrics to a song, "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls, Stick to the Rivers and the Lakes that you're use to".

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