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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hurricane Refugee Status Does Have its Benefits...

While I'd like to sit here and blog away that I heroically endured Hurricane Irene's fury as she inflicted much havoc while sweeping on through the Florida Keys... I can't because it simply didn't happen.

Not that I would have known any different since after setting out all my anchors and securing my boat, I dinghied ashore, loaded up my fully-depreciated car and drove across the state to flee the oncoming unpleasant weather.

It wasn't like my boat was outta-sight and outta-mind though. I did what any sensible and responsible boat owner would do. I'd periodically go online to the City Marina's website and view the anchorage via web-cam while sipping on a cold beverage.

And since I didn't see any boats mangled up in the mangroves, I reasonably concluded that my boat was just fine and right where I had left it which indeed was the case upon my return.

So after suspending any immediate plans to sail on to Key West, I simply loitered for days on end at my lady-friend's "Hurricane Irene Refuge".

Yeah man... I aint's no dummy... after growing up in Puerto Rico, I know first hand the inconveniences that a hurricane can bring on. Besides that I'll be the first to remind one and all that I'm but a day-sailor at heart and not a cruiser.

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