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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inadvertently 'dissing a Fellow Bar Patron...

Contrary to prevailing perceptions I can and do get tired of the usual bar scene and of needlessly running up yet another bar tab.

Nevertheless this is indeed Key West and there just ain't much to do here in the evenings other than to plant one's rear-end on a bar stool and order a few cold inexpensive beers while furtively hoping that an attractive lady might happen to take a seat alongside for some idle conversation.

But alas... no such luck for this is Key West and these are the Keys and if you want a sensible girlfriend, then you better bring her here with you.

Incidentally I gotta believe that I might have inadvertently 'dissed a fellow bar patron the other evening while idly watching a sporting event in a local tavern.

A somewhat younger fellow happened to show up alongside of me and randomly start commenting on the game in progress when he suddenly offered to buy me my next beer.

It was an offer which I then proceeded to resolutely yet politely decline. I already had my own bar tab going on but even more importantly refused his offer because there would then be an expectation that I purchase his next drink.

And that fellow happened to be sipping on one of those goofy expensive mixed drinks and I certainly wasn't about to start playing that silly little game.

Well upon refusing his offer, the young man immediately began to profusely apologize and tell me in no uncertain terms that he hadn't meant to offend me in any way. And just like that, he was out of that bar just as quickly as he had entered.

It wasn't until later that it occurred to me that the young fellow might have perhaps been "hitting" on me. Ooopps. Sorry dude... no offense taken but you still ain't buying me my next beer.

Well heck, this is Key West and it was I who happened to be inadvertently sipping on a cold beverage in the wrong tavern and at the wrong time of day.

And as your typical French peasant is apt to proclaim while nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders...C'est la vie.

And Yep... I be but another Barstool Sailor.

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