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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sailing the Spanish Virgin Islands, No Motor, No Problem....

Fajardo, Puerto Rico (cir. 1993)

Sailing my AMF 21' back to the marina after yet another blissful day of sailing and with a view of Condominios Dos Marinas in sight...

Once in the cove, I'd turn the boat back into the prevailing offshore winds, bring down the jib, secure it with bungee cords and then bring the mainsail halfway down the mast.

I'd then rest the end of the boom on a cockpit seat cushion and while standing, I'd grab the sheet with one hand and pull on it just tight enough to catch the wind.

And with the boat having just enough forward momentum and steerage, I'd turn the tiller hard on over and gently glide the boat into the slip.

Once inside the slip I'd make a mad dash fore to drop the mainsail the rest of the way down and grab on to my dock lines to avoid crashing into the pier and any neighboring boats.

No motor, no problem...

And I've said it before and I'll say it again... the so-called Cruising Lifestyle may indeed be a tad overrated.

Day-sailing on the other hand can most certainly be a much more enjoyable experience for after you've had your fill of sailing for the day, you can later go home. Yep, dat be my perspective...

Well heck, what's not to like about sailing on a clear, bright beautiful day? And now that I think about it, sailing the east coast of Puerto Rico was indeed a memorable experience that I will always cherish.

Marina Puerto Chico, Fajardo Puerto Rico

Hotel El Conquistador, Fajardo Puerto Rico

View of Isla Palominos off in the distance.

Marina Puerto Chico, Fajardo Puerto Rico

Isla Vieques on the distant horizon...

Marina Puerto Del Rey, Bahia Demajagua, Puerto Rico

One of a number of small keys commonly referred to as "Las Islas Cucarachas", by local fishermen presumably for their resemblance to said critters when seen from a distance.

Me sipping on a glass of apple-pine juice and not a Rum & Coke as some wags would suggest... and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. **hick-up**

Bahia de los Pescadores, Las Croabas Puerto Rico


  1. Nice post. Good story/pictures from PR. One of these days I hope to make it to the Spanish Virgins. What people have told me it's what the USVI was like many years ago.

    1. Thanks Don. Its been awhile since I last did the tourist thing in St. Thomas and I disliked every moment while there.

      St. John's on the other hand was a delight.

      And from what I've heard, the BVI should be your preferred destination... not that I know first hand.

  2. I agree, hated St Thomas every time I had to go there. St John's is a wonderful place. I lived and worked on ST. Croix for a few years and still go back for a couple months during the summers. I should prefer the BVIs? Makes me wonder what you know. I'm sure my escapades in the BVI are long forgotten, I hope. The nurse I was seeing on Tortola is long gone, but for months I was a regular on the ferries between St Croix, St Thomas and Soper's Hole Tortola. Great adventures, great memories, great rum. Makes me miss the Caribbean.

    1. I've only visited St. Thomas but a handful of times and St. John's but once and that was to camp out at the State Park. I've long since forgotten the specific names and such though.

      Never made it to St. Croix for whatever reason. I suppose I had no reason to go there.

      I could nevertheless see the shadow of St. Thomas jutting above the horizon from my house in Las Croabas some forty miles away.

      Kinda like seeing Russia from Alaska... :)