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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doing a Little Sailing For A Change... Key West

Well whada-ya-know... I finally found it in me to pull away from my mooring ball if only for a couple of hours the other day for some actual sailing. And of course it helps to have some company along to share in the experience. Otherwise I simply wouldn't have bothered.

Winds were relatively light and out of the south for a change and with it being a bright sunny day and with there being plenty of cold beer aboard the boat, my lady-friend and I raised sails and aimlessly putted around for a couple of hours.

If anything it was reassuring to know that the boat still worked as intended and that I hadn't forgotten how to sail after sailing into Key West some three or so months ago.

Perhaps I might even find it in me one of these mornings to get off my duff and clean off the grime that can now be seen thriving along Blondie-Dog's waterline.

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