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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wiping Out Along the Bow in the Middle of the Night...

Thank goodness for the change in seasons and that winter is almost a thing of the past. And it ain't just because of any chilly weather that might blow down to the Keys but rather because Garrison Bight simply doesn't offer much protection against northerly winds.

All of which means that northerly winds can and will invariably kick up some nasty swells for days on end. And believe me when I tell ya that it ain't no fun dinghying out to one's boat late in the evening after having indulged in a few cold ones for it can be a long wet ride.

Well just the other evening I almost met another untimely demise while aboard my boat. Winds had been gusting some 25 to 30 knots when I just had to climb up on deck in the middle of the night for whatever compelling reason to check on my mooring lines.

And that's when my little toe happened to snag some volleyball netting that had come unfastened and was now violently swaying in the gusting winds thereby sending me into a full and complete head first sprawl along the pitching deck.

In but an instant I was crashing across the bow of the boat and had it not been for the toe-rail that I happened to brace myself against at the last moment, I would have most certainly gone into the drink for an unscheduled swim in the middle of the night.

I did somehow manage to slightly bruise a knee and my other foot during my brief and unforeseen little incident yet I gotta believe that I got off rather easy if the truth be told.

It goes without saying that the volleyball netting that had been previously fastened to the lifelines by the boat's previous owner was unceremoniously removed and disposed of a few days later once the swells finally laid down.

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