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Friday, August 13, 2010

No leakage in the V-berth...

That's right... the orange conical shaped electrical connector previously mentioned in a prior post, was once again conscripted for service above and beyond its intended manufacturers design. Once again the connector more than ably plugged up the anchor-locker drain-hole up on the bow while I proceeded to pour in two full buckets of water.

To my pleasant surprise, there was no water leakage into the bilge. Evidently the gummy Silicon Sealant as well as the liquid electrical tape successfully sealed the hole where water was seeping out of the anchor-locker and down into the V-berth and eventually down into the bilge.

When I think about it, not having any seepage in the V-berth is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good insofar as not having any rainwater soak everything up in the V-berth and bad insofar as the lack of any late-night companionship...

For dinner last night, not that anyone hardly cares... were two slices of pepporoni pizza and two large goblets of merlot wine at Mona Lisa's Italian Restaurant in Ft. Myers. It's karaoke night every night at Mona Lisa's and chicks do dig karaoke.

Indeed, that was me up on stage singing "Free Falling" by Tom Petty and some other sappy love song while doing my best to endear myself to both the hot and not-so-hot chicks... Hey ladies, I may be older than I look, but I'm single and I'm looking and you need to hook up with me dammit!

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