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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Odds and ends around the boat...

Slowly but surely a few things are getting done on the boat. Among of which was the installation of a thru-deck seal at the base of the mast. The duct-tape previously wrapped around the electrical wiring extending out alongside the mast and through the top of the deck wasn't working to say the least. It was unsightly and did little to prevent a deluge of rainwater from seeping into the cabin.

Installing the seal wasn't all that difficult. It just required a little bit of diligence. The effort involved some re-wiring and lastly applying a bead of silicon around the fitting to ensure that it was water-tight.

The wind-scoop also happened to get a make over and now works like a charm. The thing had obviously seen better days and was previously held together with... why of course... duct-tape.

I peeled all the layers of duct-tape off and removed a piece of wood that had been rigged to provide support at one time and had later broken off in half. In place of the wood is now a length of thin PVC tubing purchased at Home Depot for a buck and change.

This tubing is lightweight, flexible, yet strong enough to provide the necessary support and in place of the duct-tape holding the torn lightweight fabric is twine that I stiched to repair the tears. The wind-scoop certainly does need a good cleaning and I'll use some Soft-Scrub detergent on it next time I wash down the deck.

I also got around to unclogging the drain on the port-side of the cockpit. I used the remaining length of the PVC tubing previously used to repair the wind-scoop, to poke through all the crud that had been stopping up the drain. Sure enough, I poked long and hard enough and something finally gave and the water in the cockpit readily drained out.

Next on my list of to-do's is to install a compass.

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