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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Car Shopping in Key West...

Hey... what can I say other than I did a little car shopping the other day and bought a Rolls off of some dude named Goldfinger.

Seems like he might have run into some recent financial difficulties with the economy in the tank and all because he sold the thing to me at a heavily discounted price.

I did check out some other cars before buying my Rolls but these all seemed to be in need of a little mechanical work. And since I'm not all that mechanically inclined, I took a pass on these.

Besides, I've got a new high-maintenance girlfriend and only the finest of cars will suit her for tooling around Key West.

But I won't be telling my lady-friend up on Marco Island about any of this... What she don't know won't hurt her.

And as she is often prone to say, "Don't Ask a Question Unless You Want To Hear the Answer." So I doubt whether she'll be asking about the stick of lipstick rolling about the floorboard of my new car.

My new high-maintenance girlfriend.

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