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Friday, September 30, 2011

Scoring a Little Tail while in Key West...

Blondie-Dog has been tied off to a mooring ball out in the Garrison Bight Mooring Field for a couple of weeks now and the field is still just as quiet today as the day that I got here.

All of which has me thinking that the absence of any marina drama has got to be a good thing now that I come to think about it.

Nevertheless it is indeed pretty quiet out here with live-aboard cruisers going about their business aboard their unassuming yet serviceable sailing vessels randomly scattered about the mooring field.

Occasionally a power boater will cruise on through the mooring field at a high speed, creating a lot of wake, but other than that there just isn't much happening on out here.

So it was of a little bit of a surprise the other day when an ostentatious sailing cataraman happened to motor on in and then pick up a nearby mooring ball in the middle of the "hood".

I suspect that the captain of that boat had initially intended to pick up the unoccupied ball alongside that of my boat but thought better of it after a quick inspection of the marine growth thriving along Blondie's waterline.

It was either that or of upon seeing me shirtless while tilting my aluminum beer can to its full upright position and swigging down the last of its contents.

Well what the heck... I can't say that I blame him for wanting to move his boat on elsewhere after that initial encounter from afar.

In any event, that captain along with another fellow later dinghied on over to an adjacent boat and then a few moments later on over to mine.

He stated that he'd be off his boat for a few days and asked if I would be kind enough to keep an eye on it while he was gone. And with that he handed over a small plastic bag with a frozen lobster tail inside of it.

So yeah man! ... It was nice to finally score a little tail here in Key West for a change!


  1. Ahh, the things some of us will do for tail. What do you think about Garrison Bight Mooring Field after a couple of weeks now?

  2. Garrison Bight is serviceable... as in its okay, adequate, and acceptable.

    It is entirely different from what I remember Christmas Tree Island (Wisteria)to be.

    The showers/restrooms are decent enough, there's a parking lot, bike racks, pump out boat, floating dinghy dock, coin operated washer/dryers, the dock is secured with a gate and a "mote".

    Its on the back side of Key West and a long dinghy ride to and from the boat.

    Truth is that me needs a real dwelling with running water, AC power, cable tv and a patio with cats loitering about.